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April 29, 2009

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Leonid Belov.

Green Garden Earth news:

  1. Tree Planting event in Toronto had been a success and we planted over 400 trees with a team of just around 40 people. Read the Tree Planting photo report in the next newsletter.
  2. Green Garden Earth Download page. We are collecting information for sustainable living and will add videos, books, articles, audio files that are free:

Your plan of action

Dear friends!

I’ve taken a long break from work, and during that time several exciting things happened in my life. The first one of them of course is that I quit the full-time job that I had. In the past my life seemed a lot like a rat race to me – doing a lot of things without getting anywhere. I had to just stop everything I was doing. Most importantly, that gave me a chance to think, to reflect on my life and reevaluate my life goals. I even studied management theory and how to run your own business. And all of that leads to several news.

There is a lot of information on business, management, psychology, power-of-subconsciousness, law-of-attraction, and alike. They are different yet they have much in common, almost as if describing the same thing from different perspectives. For example, you’ll hear it once and again, that if you want something, you better:

  1. Set the goals (think first!). Visualize the future and make sure that you feel happy and you feel gratitude, make sure every aspect of life fits together. Prioritize the goals.
  2. Set the intermediate steps, break into smaller steps until they become manageable. Visualize each consecutive step every day until it becomes reality.
  3. Plan the tasks for each step and set deadlines, prioritize the tasks.
  4. As you move through the tasks assess the progress, analyze problems (gather feedback from within the process as well as external environment for signs of healthy intended progress), and change the steps and goals accordingly.

We probably all want to become better, more successful, do more for the society and environment, and also all sometimes wish we could do better or reach these goals faster. For me, it seems that the best practice is to do regular work on all aspects of life. I am not a guru, nor a professor and I do not know what will work for you. All I can do is to share my own experience. Also, I’ve noticed that regular newsletter is better and allows for more interaction with readers. Green Garden Earth was planned to be interactive and collaborative project and I hope we will progress in that direction. One important note that I want to share is this: in these newsletters I will be including affiliate links. Please, do not feel threatened as this is how I can keep the Green Garden Earth’s development. In the following newsletters along with various “Green” information I will share my progress on working on all aspects of life, for instance why I want to create a Kin’s Domain and how Green Garden Earth can generate supporting income for you.


  1. I’m collecting your ideas on the website. How do you think this website would best benefit the environment and health of all the people?
  2. Send your videos, books, audio files for the GGE download page.


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