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May 6, 2009

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Leonid Belov.

Green Garden Earth news:

  1. Tree Planting event in Toronto: Tree Planting photo report is ready! Thank you everyone who came and everyone who couldn’t for your good intentions!
  2. Several people had contacted me about the Tree Plantings on a more regular basis, and about Tree Plantings in other cities. I have purchased the domain name specifically for the purpose of making Tree Plantings a part of our lifestyles. Me and partners in my company Website Under Control are willing to donate our time and effort to create, advertise and maintain this website. But I want this to be a social project, created for the people by the people. So the future of this project depends on how active you will be in sending me your ideas and helping with this website’s development. See the Feedback section for more info.

Management skills

Three years ago we have tried to form a group to be the spearhead team for creating an ecosettlement. The attempt failed. And the lesson had not been learned. Last year I’ve made a second attempt to join another group with the same task. As I now know, very predictably, this attempt failed again and I had to quit again. Why? – One of the reasons is because stage 1 had not been accomplished by me yet: I did not bring my life to order, meaning that I had not build my business, nor had I stable income, nor my own shelter, nor a garden, nor was I enjoying my lifestyle.

I have learned that since ancient times in Russian villages there was always self-governance, and interestingly the people who were allowed to vote had to have a well-managed garden, a clean house and a good family. If someone was able to take good care of his household and his family and be sustainable in life, he will be able to take care of his village and the Earth. Imagine a beautiful garden with abundance of fruits and vegetables, pleasant walkways around flower beds and benches in the shades of trees. And a clean and comfortable house with a big happy family dining on the deck. Of course, a man who planted and built all this, while creating a family, will know how to govern a village.

If you have not achieved high level of organization of your life, you tend to bring your unsatisfied needs and wants to whatever you do. In case of village governance this is destructive to the village. Simply put, first comes the governance of your life and immediate surroundings, and then a governance of anything else.


  1. I’m still collecting your ideas on the website. How do you think this website would best benefit the environment and health of all the people? Send in your graphics, photos, ideas in reply to this newsletter.
  2. Send your videos, books, audio files for the GGE download page.

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