Kin’s Domain Gardens

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May 13, 2009

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Leonid Belov.

Kin’s Domain Gardens

Green Garden Earth is a great image that I keep in my mind, which reminds me that our planet once was a beautiful garden full of life, love and harmony. We might have changed the landscape and the quality of air and water, but the purpose of our planet still remains the same. It still gives us life and love, provides us with the means to grow and gives millions of reasons to love.

Remembering this can help us see the Earth as a living and unconditionally loving organism, a Green Garden. And, perhaps, it is not a bad idea to sustain, regenerate the nature and create green gardens on Earth, thus giving our love back to Earth and the Universe.

Today I would like to describe the idea of Kin’s Domain Settlements, which was introduced in the series of books “Ringing Cedars of Russia” by a Russian author Vladimir Megre.

When I think of ways of preserving the nature, the idea of creating eco-settlements is the first that comes to mind. Such settlements can take care of the land, water and air, while providing people with natural produce. Kin’s Domain Settlements are based on the same attitude towards nature.

Such a settlement consists of about a hundred Kin’s Domains (a plot of land where one family lives), which is:
1) NOT sold, but passed down the generations.
2) about 2.5 acres which allows to be capable of feeding the family and providing for its complete sustainability
3) is planted, designed and taken care of by the members of the family for their descendents.

Such a place does look like a huge garden, consisting of garden-like family estates.

Every once in a while I will be mentioning “Kin’s Domains” and now you know what I am referring to. Later on I will post the primary benefits of such settlements.


Send your feedback on what are the benefits of the Kin’s Domains if you have already read the books by Vladimir Megre. Let’s create one long list together.

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