How to give a green gift this season

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November 20, 2009

In this issue:

  • Tips and tricks for making your life a little greener right now
  • Holiday Tips: How to give a “green” gift this season
  • Global Cedar Planting Event

Leonid Belov.

Allow me to introduce Rachel Preston who is a socially-conscious architectural designer with a passion to help people build better communities. She works and writes in the area of green architecture and sustainability. I was inspired by her article where she shares some ideas of how to improve your house to make it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I am planning to follow some of her advices and would like to share them with you:

Tips and tricks for making your life a little greener right now

Spend $15 for a water heater blanket to get 10-40% more efficiency out of your hot water heater!

Clothes dryers use at least six percent of all household electricity consumption and 10-15 percent of domestic energy in the U.S. Use a clothesline on the south or west side of your home to minimize the use of these expensive appliances!

You can improve your homes energy performance by up to 30% by just plugging holes. If you have broken windows, fix them or install an interior storm window. If they are leaking air (if the drapes swing even when the window is closed) caulk the gaps or install weatherstripping if the window is operable. Make sure the window is locked! The lock not only gives you security but also seals the window shut. Go through your attic and fill any holes in your insulation left by drilling for holes, electrical cords, or mechanical and plumbing systems. If your attic is insulated but your attic access door isn’t make insulation cover for the door. Take a piece of scrap plywood that will cover the entire opening. Cover that with 8″ batt or 3″ rigid insulation, and slide it down on top of your attic door opening as you are leaving the attic. If you have vents on the eaves of your house, make sure that the air from the eaves is not being blocked by the insulation. Air movement is actually critical to the insulation working correctly. Make sure that the frame around your basement door is sealed tight. A leaky basement can affect your home’s energy needs by as much as 11%.

Continue reading and learn about electrical devices and more.

You can visit our forum to talk to Rachel and ask her questions.

The Holidays Season is coming and many of you have started thinking about gifts for your loved ones. So today we would like to share some tips on getting a “green gift”. If your gift is green, then it is not just a gift to that special person, it is a gift to the planet and your grandchildren also.

To Give a Green Gift:

1) Try to avoid things that:

  1. are plastic,
  2. are actually unnecessary,
  3. require or contain plastic wrapping
  4. will not last for a long time
  5. require batteries
  6. require dangerous chemicals for production or maintenance.

2) Instead, choose a gift that:

  1. inspires others to be green (click here for some great ideas!)
  2. helps to be friendly to environment (click here for some inexpensive ones)
  3. are made locally (not brought from China or Taiwan!)
  4. hand-made locally
  5. organic

Solar Power Items Three designs:
If Sun gives life it can certainly provide energy
SOLAR POWER. No war required
More Global Warming? – More Solar Power!

Greeting Cards: Unique and inspiring, these cards will be a nice touch to any present. The drawings were made by two talented children, six-year-old Nadine and ten-year-old Daniel, who wish you lots of joy this holiday season.

Cedar Planting event across the Globe.

Let’s plant some Siberian Cedars this Fall so that we can plant a Cedar Alley in one or two years from now.

The idea is simple: since the Siberian Cedar is planted in the Fall and sprout in Spring I suggest we plant the nuts this Fall, then whenever they sprout (usually in one or two years) we can plant the seedlings in soil.

This is a virtual event where people across the Earth plant their nuts everyone in their own house.

To participate plant some cedars, in addition you can even record a video of yourself planting and post it on youtube. Don’t forget to send me a link!

Read more on the Cedar Alley project on Skill and Hobby Education Center website.


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