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November 30, 2009

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Leonid Belov.

Today we would like to share a success story of a grandmother who was able to heal her grandchild without any medicine. This article was published by Victoria Boutenko, who has written a great book Green for Life, where she explains the healing properties of green smoothies.

A Happy Grandmother’s Testimony

I have learned about green smoothies from Victoria’s [Boutenko] books and learned how to prepare really delicious ones while participating in the Joy for Life retreat in April. Then I was visiting my family and was told that my six year old granddaughter had been taking Prilosec and similar drugs for her stomach aches for months, but nothing helped. I was horrified that a physician would prescribe such medication for a little child.

I immediately began making green smoothies for my little grand daughter and her five year old brother, which they loved! She would even get me out of bed in the mornings, asking for green smoothie. On the third day, her stomach-ache went away!!

This was six months ago and she’s still off Prilosec and on green smoothies. Her stomach aches are completely gone. One time, my grandson was stung by bees. I applied some green smoothie on the red area, and it took the pain away immediately. I bought them a toy blender that we put the smoothies in and she pretends she made them in that. Both my grandchildren love choosing produce for our green smoothies, and helping with the preparation.

I have two older granddaughters that drink green smoothies also, and a baby granddaughter who will be having fresh vegetables and fruits made in the blender instead of store-bought, when she is old enough for solid foods.

Gabriele A., California
From: RawFamily.

Holiday Tips: Give a Gift that Educates and informs instead of entertaining

Why give a gift, which promotes unhealthy lifestyle, relentless waste of time, and causes damage to the earth: alcohol, DVD movies, new and latest TVs, DVDs, computer games and players. All these provide short lasting pleasure and have negative effects. Watching TV and playing computer games lead to less active lifestyle, obesity, health and vision problems, especially among children. Alcohol also develops addiction and health problems. Do you want to give these problems to your loved one along with your gift?

In addition, these things are very addictive, and people buy too many of them anyways, without getting them as presents.

Instead, you can present something that can educate on a subject interesting or useful to the person. To be honest, I am always worried to give such items which clearly show that I noticed the problems of my friends, being afraid to make them embarrassed. However, my experience shown that such gifts are well received despite my fears.

I once gave a book on how to improve vision and get rid of the glasses by doing simple exercises to a gentleman with strong belief in conventional medicine. I worried that he would not appreciate the book or would even react with anger. On the contrary, he was amazed that such a book exists and thankful for bringing it into his life.

We recommend the following as educational and informative gifts:

  1. Health and Cooking Books: I don’t know a woman who does not want to be beautiful, young and healthy. Moreover, woman is happy when her loved ones are healthy and full of energy. The following books will be the perfect resources to reach these goals.
    1. Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko – This book is written in a clear style, illustrated with anecdotes, diagrams and pictures. The results of the Roseburg study conducted by Victoria and Dr. Fieber, reveal the unique healing potential of green smoothies. It includes 23 delicious recipes of green smoothies and testimonies of her research subjects.
    2. DVD – Greens Can Save Your Life – An Inspiring and Informative Lecture with Victoria Boutenko. This DVD is saturated with ground-breaking new information, presented in a clear and simple way!
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Inspirations: These books and DVDs were made by two young experts in Healthy Nutrition, Valya and Sergey Boutenko. The brother and sister have become successful chefs, and lecturers, developed great talents and skills and lead a vibrant and active life. They managed to overcome the peer pressure and influence of media to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. In these books they share their own experience and tell how great the life if you are doing something significant in your life.
    1. Eating without Heating Book – A fun book for all ages that contains over 130 separate spectacular recipes! The authors also share their experience and knowledge.
    2. Interview with Sergei Boutenko – DVD – This movie was created spontaneously from scratch, without any scenarios, or rehearsals. Watch Sergei being funny, serious, goofy, smart, at play, at work, and, of course, preparing and enjoying delicious raw food.

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