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Green Garden Earth newsletter issue November 2008

The next issue of GGE Almanac will be Health, including mental, spiritual and emotional health. Our happiness, relationships and satisfaction of life depend a great deal on how well we feel. Headaches and colds, depressions and heart problems, all impact our ability to participate in everyday activities, enjoy life to the full extend. On the contrary, health, clarity of thought and strength allow us to lead a brighter life, have joyful relationships and achieve much more. Today we would like to share advices and secrets of different experts on how to stay healthy, full of energy and keep the sharp mind.

Read in this newsletter:
1. Example of Determination and Self Confidence
2. Rawkathon – Still Two More Days to Receive Special Bonuses
3. Easy Recipes to Boost Your Health!



1. Example of Determination and Self Confidence

By: Julia Portna

I was touched and educated by all the interviews from Rawkathon documentary, but being a woman, was especially inspired by Victoria Boutenko’s story. This incredible woman did not just give me a lot of hints and secrets of how to be healthy, slim and beautiful. In her interview, which was a part of Rawkathon, she reminded me that a woman’s role in the family is to safeguard the well-being of her loved ones.

In different cultures hundreds and thousands of years ago, our ancestors respected and praised women for their important role to safeguard and protect the family’s health, happiness, peace and mutual love. Little girls used to learn from childhood how to heal wounds, take care of the ill, use herbs and teas to nurture mind and body and prolong youth. Every woman was ensuring that her beloved husband and children were healthy, full of energy and joy and had the best possible treats.

Victoria Boutenko is a great example of how a modern woman today can take upon this role and safeguard her family’s well being, even if it requires years of research, risky changes in life, drastic change of lifestyle and worldview, unbelievable determination and self confidence. This woman was able to heal herself, her husband and two children from such incurable diseases as diabetes, asthma, arrhythmia and more. Moreover, Victoria was able to improve the relationship in the family, help her children acquire great skills and develop remarkable talents.

This woman has inspired me to make changes in my life for the better, to take action and resolve issues that kept me away from the happiness of my loved ones. There is no limit to what a human can achieve, if supported by the loved ones and inspired by the great examples of others’ achievements.

To listen to Victoria’s interview you can visit Rawkathon’s page and register. The free Rawkathon Online Seminar is over, but you still have a chance until November 6 (!) to acquire the interviews and receive 2 special bonuses. Visit Rawkathon’s page and register. You will receive an e-mail with the details on how to listen to the interviews:

To find out more about Victoria Boutenko, her story and revolutionary health research, click here:


2. RAWKATHON – Still Two More Days to Receive Special Bonuses.

This is amazing series of extended interviews with leaders of natural health movement. The interviews provide tips on how to stay healthy, latest researches and news in nutrition studies, different points of view and personal success stories. These people healed themselves from the diseases when conventional medicine failed. These people achieved great health and helped many others. Read more >>.


3. Easy Recipes to boost your health

Banana-Pineapple Green Smoothie:
This is a great breakfast, which takes ten minutes to prepare, including cleanup. Moreover, it provides many benefits to your health: “Greens make our body more alkaline, add fiber, and provide a wide spectrum of prime nutrients. Chlorophyll effectively aids in the healing of many human ailments. Greens can give us so much energy we will actually require less sleep.” Victoria Boutenko

Equipment required:

– Blender

Ingredients (serves 2):

– 2-3 bananas, sliced

– 1/4 of pineapple, sliced

– 2 leafs of kale OR half a bunch of parsley OR 3-4 handfuls of spinach

– ½ cup of water


– Combine sliced bananas, pineapple and water in the blender. Blend until smooth, adding more water if required.

– Add the greens and blend until smooth.

– Serve in a glass and enjoy as a drink.

Tip: If you (or your family members) are not convinced that this smoothie will be a sufficient breakfast, you can serve it in a bowl and top with cereal for a joyful meal. But try without anything first!

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