DIY: How to build a website or blog – guide for beginners

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June 4, 2009

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Leonid Belov.

DIY: How to build a website or blog – guide for beginners

Information Age

We live in an age of Information. Those who have more information – have more power, more choices and options available. Historically, information had been manipulated, meaning consciously falsified or kept secret. The ability to falsify information comes from the nature of existing sources of information and distribution channels: if sources and channels can be manipulated, they will be.

This is, unfortunately, in the nature of modern mass-media: TV channels, radio channels, video production, music industry, newspapers and magazines – they are owned by corporations. Corporations, unlike human beings do not have souls, nor consciousness. Secondly, media products produced by corporations are second-hand information. Personal media, however is a totally different story.

Advantages of Personal Media for the author:

  1. You write your own content and exercise your creativity.
  2. You change your behavior from consumption to creation. Egocentric worldview changes; the question “What else do I need?” transforms into “What else can I do?” (How media uses the power of information to control human behavior)
  3. If you decide to set goals of your Personal Media to be service to society and environment, you become part of the Green Media network (What is Green Media?).

Advantages of Personal Media over Corporate Media:

  1. Personal Media is first-hand truthful information. The more Personal Media sources one reads, the more his ability to analyze improves.
  2. Personal Media diverts the attention from Controlled Media thereby decreasing the power of lies and increasing the power of truth.

There are many types of personal media: journal, newspaper, e-mail newsletter, radio show, podcasts, short videos, Book of Kin (I will talk about it in the following issues), website, blog. Do not underestimate the power of a blog. A good blog can be a meeting place, a source of income, a mass-media on its own, a creativity development tool, and much more.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal which you can update at your convenience. Some of the entries (called “posts”) can be made “public” – meaning available to everybody with access to the Internet. I have written a how-to guide of creating such blog using software called “WordPress” (link below). This is the same software I used on websites Green Garden Earth and Website Under Control. WordPress is powerful enough to allow you to create a website and a blog in one shot even with a very limited knowledge of website development.

If you want to try creating your own website or blog you can continue reading my article WordPress installation from A to Z >>
To learn more about blogging take a look at How-to Blog article written by me last year >>

Business opportunities of a blog

WordPress software in addition to its ease of use can also be utilized for building a website for your business. Follow the link above to the step-by-step guide, install WordPress, then simply create a contact-us page, and a page with photos of your products or description of services.

You can write a blog along with your other pages where you can post company information, news, and promotions in your store. In case you would like to create a more sophisticated website or integrate online Credit Card payments feel free to contact me at or fill out the request a quote form at Website Under Control. I will be glad to answer any questions and help create your website.

Website Under Control: is a company that makes you website in 2 days. Want to promote your business? Want to start blogging? Want to share your creativity with the world? This is your chance, contact us by filling out the online form


Have you got a website or blog? Let me know! Links to related websites can be posted on the Green Garden Earth website.


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