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December 16, 2009

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  • Shifting the World to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy by 2030
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Leonid Belov.

Study: Shifting the World to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy by 2030 – Here Are the Numbers

Wind, water and solar energy resources are sufficiently available to provide all the world’s energy. Converting to electricity and hydrogen powered by these sources would reduce world power demand by 30 percent, thereby avoiding 13,000 coal power plants. Materials and costs are not limitations to these conversions, but politics may be, say Stanford and UC researchers who have mapped out a blueprint for powering the world.

Most of the technology needed to shift the world from fossil fuel to clean, renewable energy already exists. Implementing that technology requires overcoming obstacles in planning and politics, but doing so could result in a 30 percent decrease in global power demand, say Stanford civil and environmental engineering Professor Mark Z. Jacobson and University of California-Davis researcher Mark Delucchi.

To make clear the extent of those hurdles – and how they could be overcome – they have written an article that is the cover story in the November issue of Scientific American. In it, they present new research mapping out and evaluating a quantitative plan for powering the entire world on wind, water and solar energy, including an assessment of the materials needed and costs. And it will ultimately be cheaper than sticking with fossil fuel or going nuclear, they say.

Pro Line Electric Ltd.

This is an Ontario-based company which can serve your renewable needs. Information about the company:

Installation and retail of sustainable power solutions in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Our company helps you select the right equipment for your needs and the maximum energy savings and provides installation and support. We work with the renewable energy sources and install Solar Photovoltaic and Wind energy generation systems, as well as other sustainable solutions including Solar Heating.

  1. Are you a business owner looking for cutting down the energy costs and would like to have an independent source of energy at the same time?
  2. Are you a cottage or residential owner looking for a complete off-the-grid energy solution? Or do you want to have a backup source of energy?
  3. Are you a developer looking to improve your portfolio by providing Sustainable Solutions to new residents?
  4. Are you interested in preserving the environment and saving money at the same time?

We are located in Collingwood and provide service in Barrie, Collingwood, and Caledon area. Our clients value us for reliability, experience and special considerations of client’s needs.

See the portfolio of recently completed projects on their website.

Solar Items Designs from Green Garden Earth store

Solar Power Items Three designs:
If Sun gives life it can certainly provide energy
SOLAR POWER. No war required
More Global Warming? – More Solar Power!


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