Nicanor Perlas for president of the Philippines

Dear Members and Friends,

We would like to inform you about an initiative to support Nicanor Perlas for president of the Philippines.

As you may know, Nicanor Perlas has been working in the world out of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas on Social Threefolding (Biodynamic Agriculture) for many years. He has been a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) for his advocacy work on globalisation and sustainable development, as well as the UN Environmental Program’s Global 500 Award, amongst others. His campaign for president of the Philippines is an opportunity for these ideas to be practiced in the world on a large and visible scale.

He is now one of only 10 presidential candidates, and with support he has a very real chance at success.

His team needs $130,000US before February 8 in order to continue successfully carrying out the campaign. International donations can only be accepted before February 8 (in order for money to clear, donations should be made by February 5). After that time, all donations must come from inside the Philippines.

Imagine that 1300 people each donated $100US. Reaching the amount of $130,000US then becomes a real possibility. Your $100US contribution would be greatly appreciated. But, of course, donations of any size would be very welcome. To donate to the campaign, and to help bring Social Threefolding further on the national level, go to:;

To keep updated on the presidential campaign, visit A People for Perlas:;

Please forward this email to anyone you think would be interested in contributing to this movement!

Also supported by:

Seth Jordan (ThinkOutWord, A People for Perlas); Elizabeth Wirsching; John Stubley, PhD (Threefolding for the World, A People for Perlas); Katie Dobb (Threefolding for the World, A People for Perlas); Caitlin Balmer (Threefolding for the World, A People for Perlas); Robert Karp (New Spirit Ventures, LLC); Valentin Vollmer (Idem – Identity through Initiative, Youth Ambassador of the World Wisdom Council); David Masuch (Idem – Identity through Initiative); Jannis Keuerleber (Engagement and Consciousness Training Weeks, Stuttgart); Dawn Stratton; Michaela Nijs, MD; Dave Luborski; Juliana Hepp.

Some of the many people who signed a petition supporting Nicanor’s candidacy:

David Suzuki, Manfred Max-Neef, Senator Bob Brown (Leader of the Australian Green Party), Ute Craemer, Orland Bishop, C. Otto Scharmer, David Korten, Enno Schmidt, John Beck.

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