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Looking Forward: How Going Green Proves Change Can Happen

As a commercial contractor, I’ve seen the toll that traditional construction and design can have on the environment. For the longest time, I firmly believed that there was nothing that could be done about it- the way it was done was the way it would always be done. Imagine my surprise when I started to […]

72-hour preparedness

72-hour Preparedness What we are looking at in the future is really energy descend, localization and sustainability. Euro, Amero, CAD, and USD are leaving us shortly. Consequently, investing in currency or precious metals will leave you nowhere. The only investment that is worth it is into preparing for a sustainable life. Energy descend might hit […]

Nicanor Perlas for president of the Philippines

Dear Members and Friends, We would like to inform you about an initiative to support Nicanor Perlas for president of the Philippines. As you may know, Nicanor Perlas has been working in the world out of Rudolf Steiner’s ideas on Social Threefolding (Biodynamic Agriculture) for many years. He has been a recipient of the Right […]